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Wine Tasting Singapore
Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


Classes here at simplicity wines cater for all interest & experience levels.

Lesson plan & explanations by wine specialist were very well tailored to target audience to allow for easy understanding.

Before, I thought all wines were tannic and sour. Afterwards, I learnt that wines could vary and have countless nuances that take time to appreciate and understand.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


It's a fun experience overall.

Learning that there is so much more depth into wines than just alcohol. The instructor was very open to questions and very knowledgeable. The flow was very smooth it was paced very well to fulfil understanding. 


Before, I was just curious. Now I'm more aware and appreciative of wines.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


Must go if you are interested in learning more about wines.

The wine specialist was very informative and clear in his explanations, giving us step by step examples and demonstrations, engaging us in tasting in in depth yet entertaining ways which kept us engaged the entire way through.

I have gained valuable knowledge about the world of wine and have gained more interest in the topic as well.

Wine Tasting Singapore
Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


First time having a wine class. Good flow, good pace. Chill vibes and homely. Chill vibes to hang and chill. Nice group activity.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial

Xin Yi

Class is fun & get to learn more about wine, satisfied with the lesson provided by the trainer. It's a chill & fun lesson, intend to continue with the intermediate lesson!

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


Beginner friendly, definitely learnt a lot from this class. Ian taught well and was generous with his personal experience.

Wine Tasting Singapore
Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


Extremely enjoyable, anyone can enjoy, not intimidating and very educational. If you want to know about wine but not be in a super formal and scary setting, this is the place to go.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


I learnt a lot about wine, with many surprising discoveries. It is insightful especially for a beginner. Before, I had 0 knowledge of wine but after I know how to enjoy wine more.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial


Very professional. Great class to learn more about wine and to try the different types of wines.

Wine Tasting Singapore
Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial

Jun Yu

A unique and new experience for wine.

The session was fairly well paced. Previously did not know anything about wine. Now I understand more about the intricacies of wine.

Simplicity Wines Client Testimonial

Cristian, Vanessa, 

 Jinghan, Dennis

Good way to learn more about wine. I enjoy the session."

"Fresh try, gained more knowledge about wine tasting."

"Good experience and education. Good chance and full sensory experience about wine tasting.

Wine Tasting Singapore

Swee Yee

Very fun class. Informal & fun wine tasting event


Good intro of wine & provides a necessary and sufficient intro for ppl to approach wine.

Xiao Wei

Lighthearted casual setting. Host take any casual question.


It’s an affordable way to take a first step into learning about wines. I was very comfortable & impressed with the knowledge of Ian.

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