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Wine Skills Training Programme

  • Class Dates: Every Friday for 4 weeks

  • Class Timing: 6pm (180min/session)

  • Venue: Winebanc Toa Payoh Tasting Room

  • Price: $250 per pax (4 sessions total)

Programme Curriculum

Hard Skills

  • Uncorking wine practice

  • Decanting practice

  • Wine pouring practice

  • Wine tools practice


Sensory Skills

  • Aroma identification practice

    • Using the $600 Le Nez Du Vin 54 aroma kit 

  • Wine evaluation tasting practice

    • Featuring a different wine every week​

Knowledge Skills

  • Learning about grape-growing & winemaking

  • Understanding vintage reports

  • Decoding wine labels practice

  • Reading wine menus practice​​​

  • Quality wine identification practice​

  • Learning how to shop for wines

  • Familiarising with must-know grape varieties & wine regions

Who Is This For?

  • Beginners who want to improve their wine knowledge and skills.

  • Aspiring sommeliers

  • Individuals who are exposed to wine (i.e client dinners, romantic dates, company events)

  • Wine-curious & wine-serious individuals

  • Individuals looking for a wine community

  • Individuals who want to practice certain wine skills without having to pay exorbitant amounts for aroma kits and bottles to practice on

Programme Curriculum 

Wine Skills

Our Partnered 

Training Room 


Toa Payoh)

Are you ready to level up your wine skills?

You're not alone! Many people live under the impression that to get better at wine, the only way is to go through many years of experiences, countless tastings, and books in order to gain a foothold in the art. 

What if you treated your wine skills like any other hard skill, with the best way to improve being deliberate practice with a like-minded community?

Welcome to Singapore's first-ever wine skills programme, where we train essential wine-related skills. The main difference between this programme and other education courses is that we not only teach, but we enforce practice during class time, hence the long class duration.

Throughout the four weeks, we'll cover three main pillars of wine skills:

1. Hard skills (uncorking bottles, decanting, etc.)

2. Sensory skills (aroma identification, etc.)

3. Knowledge skills (reading wine menus, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Let's level up our wine skills together!



Wine Skills Training Programme

  • Class Dates: Every Saturday for 4 weeks

  • Class Timing: 6pm-9pm (180min/session)

  • Venue: Winebanc Toa Payoh Tasting Room

  • Price: $250 per pax (4 sessions total)

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